Your whole wallet at your fingertips

  • 1APP8 never stores your personal data; all you need is just a PIN when you buy.
  • You are the only person granted access to your details.
  • Tap 'n buy: complete your purchase in a matter of seconds.
  • Promotions, loyalty programs, coupons and vouchers tailored just for you.
  • All your cards and vouchers available when you need them.
  • Maximum security, PCI DSS 3.1 certified.

Be your cards’ boss

Leave your wallet at home, be in control and enjoy freedom. Never disclose your sensitive data, ID and PIN code is all you need. Pay in seconds with any card you like.


A unique purchase experience across all payment methods: online, offline, via TV, Call Centers or even on the go. Make remote payments, send money in real-time or buy gifts for your friends and family even when you're miles apart.

Your cards valet

You can use multiple cards, points and coupons in a single transaction, the application suggests the most convenient form of payment for each purchase.
(If you like, at participating retailers, you can also pay in installments)

Much safer than cash

With 1APP8 your transactions are always protected, thanks to the most advanced and certified security technologies. Our payment system is based on SecQuick technology and is PCI DSS 3.1 certified.

1,2,3...easy steps!

  1. Download the App

  2. Choose your ID, password and PIN

  3. Add your cards


We manage all major credit cards

Simple and efficient

  1. Simply provide your ID

    or you telephone number when you pay.

  2. Receive a payment request

    on your smartphone, wherever you are.

  3. Select your payment card(s)

    1APP8 will automatically suggest the best way to pay.

  4. Enter your pin and pay

    Quick and easy, saving you time when you shop.



1APP8: Tap 'n Buy!

You can enjoy all the discounts, get tailor made deals and build up club-card points. No need to carry your loyalty cards with you, or remember all the necessary procedures for each different program.
1APP8 processes all this information for you, and ensures you always get the best deal.

Tailor made loyalties

1APP8 provides in real-time dynamic and personalized points, discounts, prizes and products from your preferred retailers.
The application shows you in real-time where you can enjoy all your benefits.

Tap 'n Buy promotions

Get tailor made, real-time promotions directly on your smartphone.
Choose what to see and when. Buy everything you want with a single tap and always get the best price.

Your whole wallet at
your fingertips.


Get 1APP8!

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